My Life In Sobriety

I battled drug addiction and alcoholism in my life for over a decade, and even as I write that sentence, it still seems unimaginable. I grew into an adult in the midst of a terrible heroin addiction and I spent more months than I would care to admit in different treatment centers across the country. I managed to get a few different college degrees in the process, but as the years rolled on, my life only continued to spiral out of control. I finally surrendered to my disease on November 20, 2015 and have not found it necessary to pick up a drink or a drug since. I have been blessed with a second chance at life, and I will not squander the opportunity to share my experiences to help those still suffering.

Sobriety is learning to love myself and making myself available to those who need help. Sobriety is admitting when I fall short and trying to grow from each experience. Sobriety is answering the phone when my mother calls and asking her about her day. Sobriety is suiting up and showing up whenever I am called upon. Sobriety is confidence without arrogance. Sobriety is making sure my family knows I’m safe and never giving them the reason to worry about me. Sobriety is asking what I can bring to a situation and not what I can take away from it. Sobriety is sending my grandmother a birthday card and thanking her for being present in my life. Sobriety is being able to look at myself in the mirror without regret or disdain. Sobriety is a journey that I actively choose to partake in every day.